Melody Valve Therapy

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is one of only a handful of hospitals in the country that offers Melody valve therapy, performed in our comprehensive cardiac catheterization labs and electrophysiology (EP) labs. We are also the only hospital in Tampa Bay providing this service

Children born with blocked or leaky heart valves often undergo multiple open-heart surgeries before reaching adulthood to replace valves that have worn out or that they have outgrown. Now, there is a non-surgical alternative.

A minimally invasive procedure, Melody valve therapy uses new transcatheter technology to lengthen the amount of time until a patient needs an additional surgery, prolonging it as long as possible.

There are several advantages with the Melody Valve procedure:

  • It’s typically performed under general anesthesia.
  • The procedure typically takes less than two hours.
  • Patients are often discharged from the hospital within 24–48 hours.
  • Patients return to normal life in just a few days.

While Melody valve therapy cannot be used in all cases of abnormal pulmonary valve function, it gives doctors an alternative to traditional open-heart procedures for patients who may not be able to tolerate another open-heart surgery.

At St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, congenital cardiologist Jeremy Ringewald, MD, has implanted more Melody valves than any other interventional cardiologist in Florida and the Southeast U.S., and in February 2017 he completed his 100th procedure. Our hospital is also one of the very few programs in Florida that has performed valve-in-valve replacement of the tricuspid valve. This expertise places St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital at the forefront of pediatric cardiac care, bringing this advanced procedure to patients throughout the Southeast United States.

According Dr. Ringewald, “This groundbreaking technology can markedly prolong the time between surgeries for many patients, with the goal of maximizing heart health and minimizing invasiveness. Our team has implanted over 100 valves into patients with rare adverse events. By undergoing this procedure at our facility, these patients have avoided additional cardiac surgery.” 

For more information about the Melody valve procedure, please call (813) 644-6679.