Bartow Regional Medical Center

Bartow, FL

Rediscover Our "New" Hospital (That's Been Here Since 1925)

Bartow Regional Medical Center has made a lot of improvements since we joined the BayCare family four years ago. From top to bottom (we’ve got a new roof!), you’ll like the looks of all these changes. Thanks to an upgrade and renovation to our cardiac cath lab, we’ve got a new process to quickly treat STEMIs, one of the most severe types of heart attack. And we’ve been accredited as a Center of Excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation for practicing the gold standard of robotic surgery. We’ve even started a pet therapy volunteer program to help sooth our patient’s anxiety. But no matter how much we improve our facility, now and in the future, what makes us special is how we care for you. At Bartow Regional Medical Center, you get personalized, quality health care from a compassionate, experienced team. And that’s a good look for everyone.


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