Oliver Oyama, PhD, PA-C

Associate Director, Family Medicine Residency
Professor, USF, Dept. of Family Medicine

Doctorate Degree

Clinical Psychology, Indiana University
Bloomington, IN


Master's Degree, Health Sciences/Physician Assistant, Duke University

Family Medicine Faculty Development, Duke University
Durham, NC

After earning his Doctoral degree in psychology, Dr. Oyama worked as Program Director of the Pain Therapy Center at Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, SC, and worked with family medicine and orthopaedic residents at the University of South Carolina.

He then joined the Duke University Family Medicine Residency as the Director of Behavioral Medicine. After a number of years of teaching, he wanted to learn more about medicine and completed the Duke University Physician Assistant (PA) Program, receiving a master's in Health Sciences and PA Certification. As part of a rural health loan repayment, Dr. Oyama worked as a family medicine PA in a large rural health center and a psychiatric PA in a community mental health center in North Carolina while keeping a psychology private practice on weekends.

From there he joined the USF-MPM Family Medicine Residency. His clinic time is divided between clinical psychology and family medicine. He practices and teaches using the biopsychosocialspiritual model of health care. He is proud to have been involved with developing the residency's Leadership for Life curriculum. He also has a passion for international medical missions.

Dr. Oyama is married and has three children. He enjoys family time, sailing, fly fishing, cooking, music, motorcycling and travel.

Oliver Oyama PhD, PA-C