Outpatient AMI/Chest Pain - Hospital Compare Data as of December 2016

(discharges from April 2015 - March 2016)

More recent data is also available reporting discharges from January through December 2016

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Implemented processes to ensure all patients presenting to our ER with a complaint of Chest Pain will receive aspirin upon his/her arrival. We are ensuring that patients indicating Chest Pain during registration are given to Triage Nurse to obtain EKG upon arrival.  And the EKG is read by MD during triage interview. Implemented: 'Direct Bedding'- During normal capacity hours, patients are placed directly in a treatment zone.  'Nurse First'- During high capacity hours, patients entering lobby are met upon arrival by a registered nurse.  'In Route EKG’s'- Digital EKG images are produced and transmitted by EMS prior to patient arrival in the ER.