St. Joseph's Hospital

Tampa, FL

As part of the community since 1934, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida, is your partner for continued health and wellness. From preventive care to complex treatments, from infancy to adulthood, from generation to generation, we’re here for wherever life takes you and your family. St. Joseph's Hospital is known for its advanced medical technology, and some of the most complex medical and surgical conditions are treated at the hospital. Through the years, our dedicated Centers of Excellence have become noted for outstanding care. A highly skilled and experienced staff of physicians with national and international reputations care for infants, children and adults at St. Joseph's Hospital. More than 70 specialties are represented among the medical staff, from internal medicine to cardiology, neurology to surgery. St. Joseph's Hospital wants to stay in touch.

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Heart and Vascular

St. Joseph's Hospital Heart Institute is one of the most advanced and comprehensive centers for cardiovascular care in Florida. Using the latest technology, we diagnose and treat a wide range of adult and pediatric heart problems. We combine our expertise with the compassionate care that is the hallmark of St. Joseph's
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St. Joseph's Hospital Department of Orthopedics provides comprehensive, quality care to people of all ages for a wide range of orthopedic diseases and musculoskeletal impairments including hip, knee and joint replacement, hip revision, ACL repair, knee arthroscopy, bursitis and meniscal tears. Our goal is to help people overcome their impairments and return to more pain-free, functional lives. 

Stroke and Neuroscience

The Stroke & Neuroscience Program at St. Joseph's Hospital focuses on the treatment of brain, spinal cord, nervous disorders and stroke. We provide a broad spectrum of services for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of all of these neurological problems and disorders.