Emergency Care 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1. For minor illnesses and injuries, visit BayCare Urgent Care for additional information and a list of locations. 

Chest pain. Acute illness. Serious injury. From major to minor medical or surgical emergencies, neonatal to geriatrics, the Emergency Department (ED) at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital provides comprehensive care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for more than 25,000 patients every year.

Continuously rated among the best in overall quality of care and patient satisfaction, the ED at Morton Plant North Bay is a place where patients of all ages can find the expertise, professionalism and compassion critical in emergency situations. Our staff includes highly skilled, board-certified ED physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, paramedics, and patient care technicians.

Expanded Emergency Department

To better meet the needs of patients seeking emergency care, Morton Plant North Bay Hospital’s newly renovated and expanded emergency department (ED) opened in December 2017. It features:

  • 28 private treatment rooms (adding an additional 10 beds)
  • A new 15-bed observation unit
  • 2 triage rooms
  • 8 minor medical emergency treatment areas
  • Trauma room
  • Registration/discharge
  • A dedicated ED entrance
  • Lobby and waiting area with amenities
  • Staff Support areas

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital
6600 Madison St.
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 842-8468
Campus Map

Learn more about emergency care services at BayCare.